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"Performance" air filters

12 October 2023
What's everyone's take on installing so-called performance air filters such as K&N, BMC, aFe? Not a fan of oiled filters in any application. Has anyone installed any of these or see any performance benefit? Perhaps not for a stock NC1 but those of us that are tuned and looking to go Stage 2 when available.
Stick with OEM paper filters. Those so called preformance filters are thin and have oil. Chris from SOS mentioned this before. I think AFE has a dry non oiled one but not sure if it has good filtration. I stick with OEM and just replaced them every 5k since they are cheap.
I used Green Filters on my GT-R and liked them. They are dry (no oiling) and worked well for keeping contaminants out, though not as well as the paper filters. There is a tradeoff for more flow that you can't avoid. With my tune they were mandatory to achieve the CFM required by the turbos. I also purchased the black mesh "net" that goes over the cones to further help filter. Not sure if they make them for the NC1, but I'm sure they would consider it.
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Will check mine when I install new charge pipes. Green Filter does make an air filter for the NC1. May consider that or just stick with OEM.