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PerformancePackage™ Dampened and Weighted Stainless Shift Knob

27 November 2005
SoCal ✈ Vegas

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Using the same Heavy-Duty Rubber Material found in your Car's Motor Mounts, we've Created a Free-Floating Shift Knob which Reduces Vibration and Notchy Shifting.

Our Shift Knobs are Precision Machined from a Block of Stainless Steel, are Weighted (14.4oz, Nearly 1 Pound), and Slightly Countersunk.


Our Knobs are CAD-Designed, and CNC Machined from a Block of Stainless Steel. Each knob is then Assembled by Hand, and Individually Tested to Ensure Factory Fittment.

The PerformancePackage™ ShiftKnob Features:
  • Unique Dampening System Creates the Smoothest Shifting Experience.
  • 14.4oz of Stainless Steel, Billet Machined and Hand Assembled.
  • Weighted, Counter-Sunk, and Produced from a Solid Block of Stainless Steel.
  • Unique, Balanced Design, Refined in 3D Modelling Software Produces Smoother Shifting.
  • Easy Screw on Installation takes Seconds, OEM Thread Fitment!
This ShiftKnob uses an M10x1.5mm Thread Pitch, Suitable for all Manual Transmission Honda and Acura vehicles, eg Acura NSX (NA1/NA2), Honda S2000 (AP1/AP2), Honda Fit, Civic, CR-X, etc.










Similar knobs sell for $100 or more, and don't feature our unique rubber dampening system. We're selling these for just $39.95!, or $49.95 with the NSX specific shift boot retainer clip!

Available in Machined Finish, and Black or Gunmetal Textured Powdercoat.

Please click on the Buy Button on the Top of this Page, to be Directed to PayPal's Secure Server.

All Knobs are In Stock, and Most Orders Ship in 1-2 Business Days.
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Any idea if they will be offered with the gear numbers engraved on it?
I think it goes nicely with the aluminum rings in my instrument cluster. Looks good, feels good, shifts good; and it's a good deal.

i paid can you please add me to the list and comfirm with me that this item has sent. i also bought a guppy attack antenna from you and i paid and havent heard anything back from you on it? please contact me through nsx prime.
Shane, your Guppy Attack antenna Shipped on the 2nd, with tracking USPS #9400110200829031108539 - it should arrive Tomorrow.

We just assembled and Shipped your Machined Shift Knob, tracking is USPS #9405510200883054087564 by Priority Mail.
Thankyou so much looking forward to how it gonna work thanks for the help and response:)
Go ahead and put my name on the list. I think that's what has been holding me up. I don't have anything aluminum in the car. Thanks!

Here's an interest list for Black Finish, if we reach 5 members we'll take a dozen knobs to the powdercoater.

PerformancePackage Dampened Stainless Shift Knob - Textured Black Powdercoat Finish:
1. jordanb2
2. 93sebsilna1
3. 06_typeS
Definitely interested in getting one. Don't mean to throw a wrench in the works, but could I please request a few to be powdercoated in gunmetal color? Something along the lines of the Zanardi shift knob.

OAN, I'll be placing in order for some other goodies you offer. :smile:
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If we reach 5 members for a finish, we'll take a dozen knobs to the powdercoater:

PerformancePackage Dampened Stainless Shift Knob - Textured Black Powdercoat Finish:
1. jordanb2
2. 93sebsilna1
3. 06_typeS
4. chrisfast

PerformancePackage Dampened Stainless Shift Knob - Textured Gunmetal Powdercoat Finish:
1. Wizard