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PICS of Old vs New Water Pump

5 December 2001
Minneapolis, MN
After 3 NSX's and 5 years, I have looked through NSX prime for information regarding the Water pump and timing belt Maintenance topics. All of which have excellent descriptions, part numbers, detailed instructions on how to do it and such. BUT none have any pictures showing the differences in water pumps and covers.

Here are some pictures of the old water pump and weep hole. I will post new after i get some pictures of it tonight

Timing belt cover


Covers off and Old Style Water Pump attached


Covers off and Old Style Water Pump removed


Water Pump weep hole. Cover has a tube that inserts into weep hole and bleeds to atmosphere.


One more of OLD style weep hole

Have you experienced some severe overheatings in the past?
No, I have not really had many overheating probelms - only once when i didn't bleed the system properly. I am in the middle of a full rebuild of the motor including some maintenance incld timing belt and waterpump. (car is 95, has 56k miles). Once i post the new water pump pics, you'll be able see exactly what is difference in terms of where the weep hole is and where you must drill the old cover in order to accomadate the new pump.
The reason i ask is because of the black fluid which has run from the front bank from under the cam pulleys.
I have seen it on my own NSX and on another NSX. My car and the other car had a overheat one at one time, so i wondered if maybe all NSX'es have this.
The black fluid is actually comming from the camshaft sensor assembly.
It is some sort of hardened fluid where the sensors are poured in.

Sorry for going of thread topic.
I was told that the black stuff is the same stuff as they use on circuit boards to seal in all the components. I don't think its a big deal though

Here are pictures of the updated waterpump. Note that the new location of the weep hole is located on a corner of the waterpump as opposed to right beside the pulley.



Obviously, the new hole in the cover will need to be placed over this new weel hole instead. Once I install the new waterpump and covers back on the timing belt assembly, i will post pics of the modified cover for the weep hole

Thankx for the pics, never saw this before, always wondered what it was all about.