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Plastic Piece under the Front Spoiler broke

10 April 2000
Damn, the car started to make a scraping sound in the front, turned out a plastic trim piece was cracked and was dragging on the ground. I hope it's warranty covered.

Wonder if I just removed the whole piece how it would effect things.
Bummer Dude! I know I have scraped mine more than a few times. Fortunaltey mine is still in place. Not sure if you will have any luck under warranty. I think they will likely rule that either "normal wear and tear" or even "abuse" since it didn't break due to any "manufacturer defect", but from repeated impact from something while you were driving. I know that my 1999 Miata S has a factory air dam that only gives me 4" of ground clearance. While it is still on, it looks like hell and shows every impact.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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What you demolished is the official Honda Driveway Scraper. It is atattched to the the body with about 10 or so 10mm nuts and fender clips. The Driveway Scraper is sacrificial and easily replaced for about $125. But you may have torn open the mounting holes for the fender clips. A good body shop or the (ugh) dealer can check this for you.
In the future, approach bumps at an angle and give yourself what seems like too much room for curbs and parking lot bumpers. You'll find that even too much space is sometimes too close for comfort.


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Originally posted by Michael:
Wonder if I just removed the whole piece how it would effect things.

ChopsJazz and G-Man are right (easily replaced but almost certainly not covered under warranty).

I just wanted to add one more comment about running with it totally removed. If you do that, you are going to scrape the nose of the car instead of that little $100 black plastic strip.

To replace the lower half of the nose will cost several times as much as those little black plastic strips plus you'll have to paint the new nose piece.
I just had the same problem few weeks ago after driving 260km on highway. the weird loud noise scares me!
what I did was cut the plastic thing so I'll buy a new piece soon however, if that doesn't have any effect i guess i'll just keep my car this way.
Oh, the noise freaked me, especially cause I was doing 140 with some ( other nut ) on a motorcycle trying to catch up to me. I thought the spoiler tore loose and was going to go under the wheels.. but it was that flimsy plastic piece dragging. I'll probably cut it loose , then replace it.
Do what I did and buy the RM front spoiler. It's about $160 and looks great. Only problem is that you lose one inch ground clearance.

Turn a problem into a fun mod.


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