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Pocket Video Recorders

I've had the RCA Lyra version since last Sept. It doesn't have the Wi-fi and PDA functions that some now have .. but I think it was the first to market with pictures, MP3s, and video. I travel a lot so was looking forward to putting "recorded but unwatched" video on it and catching up on planes and at airports .. and although it does have an on-board video to MPEG4 convertor, for every hour of pre-recorded material (I use the TIVO a lot), you have to spend an hour playing it back and converting it into MPEG4 format so that you can spend an hour viewing it.

Since it USB attaches, an easier approach would be to file transfer something that had already been captured in MPEG4 source format .. but the TIVO doesn't offer that and I wasn't prepared to convert my PC into a TIVO. I was hoping that the PRISMIQ Media Player/Recorder would be the answer but it's been over a year since it debuted at CES and it looks stillborn.

So, I thought I might try loading some of my favorite music DVDs into it but quickly ran into a couple of copyright restrictions. So, overall the video part has been a bomb ..although I've enjoyed using it for MP3s. Battery life is nowhere near what they claim though.