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Popping sound from rear passenger side during acceleration

8 September 2003
I'm a bit confused, looking for some direction. I've started noticing a popping sound coming from the rear passenger side area/wheel/suspension.

It occurs when I accelerate slightly aggressively from a stop. It makes a dull pop noise, like the spring settling or something. But I've completely changed the strut and spring with Tein Flex. Still there.

I also noticed at speed, if I drop a gear and tad the throttle, I hear the pop as well. I’ve checked everything underneath to see if anything was loose, no luck. Wheel is not making contact. Car is not low. Cv boot?

Any clue guys?
On mine it was a suspension alignment setting not tight or needing to be moved just a tad or something like that. Camber, Caster adjuster, somewhere there???
I'm thinking I'm going to win this one.
I'll phone Max tomorrow and let you know what he had to do.
It was no way in my mind a suspension part making the noise.
It was so weird.
Excellent info!!! I will look tomorrow.

No, this is with stereo off. I'm aware of the Bose speakers, and BrianK, the previous owner had them fixed by you! :smile:

On a side note, I'm sorry I don't post here much. Only when I have a problem, which is EXTREMELY rare. :wink: I'm usually too busy driving and loving every minute of it. Life can be rough, but I truly enjoy spending time in my NSX, worry free. :cool:
My 2000 made a racket when the suspension was loaded or unloaded. It drove me crazy. Since it was under warranty, the dealer retorqued all suspension components. That solved the problem. Jerry
Max says to reef the lower control arm bolts.
The ones you adjust for the alignment.
Take it from there.