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Porsche Reveals High-Performance 918 Spyder Concept Hybrid

I'm still trying to figure out how those wheels work. And what's with the rocket launchers on the rear hatch? Are those supposed to be intakes or something? Intakes to what on an electric vehicle? The video shows them down, but the concept shots have them up ready to hurl some tow rockets or something.

Yeah those are intakes for the mid-mounted 500hp V8; the hybrid part is the electric motors mounted on the axles. Pretty sweet concept, it was about time they came out with something to eclipse the Carrera GT.
What are you talking about honda is at the forefront this year.



Yeah if you squint your eyes a little, it's close:tongue:
I like, but it seems like someone threw in a blender a Tesla/Lotus, a Carrera GT and added a touch Ferrari to the mix.
I love it.. .just can't stand those wheels!! :frown:

That's so everyone knows that you're being green, or else it wouldn't sell because everyone would think it was the run-of-the-mill CGT ha :tongue:

It's why hybrids are shaped funky, so that everyone KNOWS it's a hybrid.
The best internal combustion engines run at around 45% efficiency. Electric motors are at around 90%. Right now hybrids and electrics are associated with "wimp", but in a decade hybrids and full electrics will be fast and powerful. The cool tone we associate with an ICE through an exhaust will be replaced by the whir or buzzing or whatever other electric motor noises imply "power". Form and fashion follow function, and the fashion we relate to speed now will completely change over time. You can already see it coming with certain hybrids. The Fisker Karma has over 400 HP of electric propulsion and their waiting list is now close to 2 years. Change is coming, and not a minute too soon IMO.
I love the looks of the car!

I am not so sure how well the hybrid system will work on a performance car though. Once the battery is depleted it will take power away from the gas engine to recharge them. My guess is they probably have about 10 minutes of battery at full tilt so they can run an incredible lap at the ring. For track days it might run the battery out pretty quick and leave you with a heavy car that is underpowered.

I will definitely test drive one when they release it, if it looks anything like that! Personally I wish it had a 700hp gas engine with all wheel drive!
Way too visually busy. I prefer something with more clean and simple lines.
Wow, I must have that hybrid. Never thought I would ever say that. If you don't like that car turn in your man card and start sucking balls.