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Portland Oregon Acura Dealers and Owners

14 April 2001
Sandy Eggo, CA
Who can highly recommend an Acura dealer that has "lots" of experience with the NSX?

Is Ron Tonkin Acura any good?

This is for a pre-purchase inspection... and maybe some work done before the drive home (if the car is any good).

Any owners in that area willing to inspect an NSX for me as well?

Deal is far from finalized, so I don't know when I'll need the inspection done. Maybe in two weeks?

Thanks in advance.
Might make a post in the Northwest forum. There's at least a few people in the Portland area that read the posts there.

I would be happy to look at the car for you. Chances are I have arleady seen it if it is for sale at a dealer.

Please let me know where the car is at.

I would highly recommend using Acura of Portland. Morgan is very honest and he is a master NSX tech. He did both my inspections.
Of the two in the metro area, based on my experience and what I hear from others, Acura of Portland is much better for service. I also had one of my worst car buying (or should I say potential buying) experience at Ron Tonkin.

-- Chris


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Acura of Portland it is!


It is a 1995 Red NSX-T. VIN JH4NA1185ST000170

Supposed private party... But the guy works at Lexus of Portland... hmmm...

Anyone know any "stories" on this one?

NSX_PDX, you have mail!