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Possible To Weld Seats To The Floor?

5 April 2018
Like the title states, just wondering if this would be possible with the original seats to lower them to the max. And anyone know how high off the ground the original seats sit off the floor (to estimate space gains)? Thx in advance!

The seat pan is aluminum; but, I thought the rails / adjustment mechanism was steel. I don't have access to my car to double check; but, if they are steel that is a no go for welding. Aside from that, lowering the whole seat is complicated by the motor drive for seat adjustment. If you are looking for more headroom, I think the normal solution is a thinner bottom cushion.

Aftermarket seats with a non power seat adjustment or a fixed adjustment might give you a lower seating position.
I would start buy just completely removing the lower cushion and seeing how you felt at that point. Its close to being on the floor pan but not quite flat on there.
I would not advise welding a seat to the floor but whatever works best for you.
As to installing a racing bucket seat, they are most often bolted to the original seat location points or through bolted to the floor pan. Regardless if on rails or a fixed seat mount. Almost all of these types of mounts are steel due to safety regulations (FIA Certified). you could have someone fabricate an aluminum or even titanium bracket(s) but they would not be as safe.

Your options are limited to a lower OEM seat cushion or a new seat with steel hardware and installed properly.
I'd start with removing the center seat cushion, and trimming it or fabricating a new thinner one. Dali used to sell something like that, but you can DIY it. http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/DIY/seatmods.htm

If the goal is additional headroom, don't be too quick to jump to aftermarket fixed back seats. I installed my pole positions where the seat base more or less drags the carpet, and the padding is thinner than OEM. So, you could be forgiven for thinking I gained some head room. I didn't, because I tended to recline the OEM seats at a steeper angle than I could comfortably manage with my recaros (because reclining the back means raising your legs). I'm relatively long waisted compared to my height, so YMMV.

If you do elect to fab up some custom bracket, I would absolutely use the OE floor pan attachment points. IMO, there is no reason to do otherwise and plenty not to.