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Powder coating calipers in Cincy

I know a place in miamitown (actually right across the street from the lady that does leather seats for Brian) that does really good powder coat jobs. He powder coated the wheels on a motorcycle once. I bet the Wheel Doctor on Route 4 would also do it. He powder coats all the time. Of course you'll probably have to completely break them down yourself before taking them to either place.
Thanks Kyle,

I think I will wait until after racing season and brake down the calipers so that way I don't have to worry if they take longer than promised to get it done.

Hey, I am actually off Fri and Sat this week if you want to get together somewhere N KY or something. I want to see how quick the Comptech SC is...

UPS man is dropping off my new track wheels tomorrow - Enkei RPF1s 17x8 & 17x9.5

Tires came today - Toyo R888s 235/40/17 & 275/40/17. They look HUGE compared to my stock 16/17 sitting next to them. :biggrin:


A few things!

If you take them to wheel doctor and he tells you 100.00 or any price.. GIVE HIM EXTRA MONEY! they will get done ASAP and a good job will get done. Say if it is 100 gve him 150.00 They will usually be done in days!

If you dont do there the guy on harrison I heard does good work however I have never had anything done by him.

Also out here in Goshen next to my car lots there is a new place open. On rt 48. I will be taking some things to see how good they are and I will let you know.

As far as kyles car with SC ........:eek:FUN