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Power steering problem '96 NSX-T

5 September 2003
Mar Vista, CA
I have a 1996 NSX-T. A few months ago my EPS light started coming on and power steering failed. The error code was 22. I read some posts and replaced the battery to see if that was the problem. After that both the Check Engine light and the EPS light came on and off. The power steering would also go on and off.

I had a NSX mechanic over (Robert from Covina, CA) and he got a 1459 error code on the Check Engine light. Then he reset one of the fuses and both the Check Engine light and the EPS light went out. However the power steering was still intermittent, when driving the steering seemed harder than even no power steering. Also when turning you could feel a little shimmer in the steering wheel.

I sent the EPS unit to Brian K for repair. When I got it back and installed it the power steering was better but not solved. At low speeds the power steering works pretty well but at normal speeds it is very tight, more than the normal power assist. I know it is variable but this is way too tight – I have had the car for 12 years and I track it so I know how it should feel.

I called Ramon at Niguel Motors and he was stumped. Suggested I may need to get the rack redone.

Any ideas?