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power steering

16 April 2001
Irvine, CA
I want a coupe, I really wanted power steering. This pretty much limits me to a 91-94 that I add power steering to or ordering a new coupe.

I to want to know what it might cost to add power steering to an early model 5speed.

You should consider playing with the suspension settings, namely toe, instead of power steering to reduce low speed steering effort required on the early coupes. I have near zero toe-in on the front, and many people have commented that my car's low speed steering effort feels boosted. When I climb into a car with the stock alignment, I 'feel your pain'. Big difference.


www.ScienceofSpeed.com - Click for more info
But is is doable to change the manual box and replace with power asisted box?

If yes what is needed?
I guess you will need:
* power steering box
* computer steerig it
* steering column
* wiring harnes
It should be doable, I just don't know anyone who has done it. I know the parts are very expensive so if possible you'd probably want to get them from a salvage yard, otherwise you are looking at a 5-digit bill. If you go through with it, please do a write-up on what is involved!
Another option might be to find someone who has power steering and would like to get rid of it. Maybe you could work out a swap.
Chris explain to me how REAR Toe might affect steering effort. I can understand changing the front Toe settings to reduce steering effort, but as far as I understand the Rear Toe-IN is dialed in to keep the car's rear end planted under cornering (along with the Negative Camber)
Wouldnt dialing out the Toe-in on the rear cause the car to get a little tail happy in the corners?
Originally posted by nsxtasy:
Another option might be to find someone who has power steering and would like to get rid of it. Maybe you could work out a swap.

Why would anyone not want the power steering? I drove my car with PS and without PS when the computer went out. I have driven a '91 NSX and a Zenardi. At low speed it makes a huge difference but over 30mph or so the steering in all the cars felt almost identical.

BTW. A little off topic.. I think the clutch changed in 2000. The clutch in the Zenardi was VERY different from my 2000-T. In the Zenardi it took much more effort to push the peddle and the range that the clutch engaged in was very short. It was a stock clutch.

This doesn't answer your question, but there's an '01 Coupe that's been sitting in the Hopkins Acura showroom in Redwood City for a while now. I drive by it about once a week and drooool...

-Bob ('94 #496 -- don't like open tops)