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Power Steering?

17 April 2001
Ok, Im kinda confused here. I am getting a 1991 Acura NSX, and I was told that there isnt any power steering in it. Is this true? I understand that there is some form of electronic power steering for auto trannyd. Is there supposed to be power steering for 5-speeds?
No. What you were told is correct. Power steering was introduced on the manual-transmission NSX in 1995. It has been on the automatic-transmission NSX since its introduction in 1991.
Yes, just to clarify, it has never been an option - the car came with it or it didn't.

ALL automatic NSXs for ALL years have EPS.

NO manual transmission NSXs for 1991-1994 have it.

ALL 1995+ NSXs have it except the Zanardi editions.
I'm a big fan of non-powered steering as well. Has anyone ever successfully removed it from a 95+ car? How easy is this to do? Seems like there'd be some weight savings there...

-Bob ('94 #496)