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Pride V2 Drone Gone After DC Sports Headers Installed?

14 February 2012
Melbourne, Aus
Hey all....

For all the Pride V2 exhaust owners out there who installed the exhaust first and then aftermarket headers later (and assuming you experienced the 2200-2700rpm drone)............did your drone go away after the aftermarket headers were installed?

I installed the Pride V2 exhaust around a month ago.......had the normal drone......bearable in the driver seat (right hand side for us aussies), bit worse in the passenger side.

I had the DC Sports headers installed last week and I swear the drone is gone. It's not a placebo effect as I wasn't expecting this benefit and don't believe I've read it anywhere?

Could the better exhaust flow actually help with drone?

I had heat proof insulation ready to go for the underside of the engine cover but won't need it anymore. ;)

DISCLAIMER: I do not guarantee your drone disappearing by installing headers.................may be a nice justification though...haha.