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Question about Carbon Fiber hood

20 April 2000
Minot ND / Las Vegas NV
Hey all my friend ordered a carbon fiber hood for his integra and I was wondering if its a clear coat on it or some kind of gel coat? Can you wax a CF hood? Anyone have any experience with it?

Does anyone here have the CF hood for the NSX? If so how much are they?
It is resin, but you would probably want to wax it to keep the water spots off of it and because the resin will get tiny little scratches in it over time if you don't.

I don't know if all waxes are compatible, but you might try calling one of the better wax companies and asking them.
Well first off in my question you'll see I wasn't sure what they cover CF in. Second I see that it has a clear coad of some kind and I was curious how you would take care of it. Third since I have no experience with CF I thought I'd ask the informative people on this board. Cuz I'll admit I don't know everything, so I ask.

Thanks for your help guys. I'll look into it more and my friend that bought his hood is going to ask them how to take care of it.

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