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question for houston primers.

26 March 2010
i need a little help. guys at work were trying to remove the center console/radio bezel trim so they can take out the a/c control unit, but they ended up breaking it in half.

u guys know any local junkyards where they might have that part?
other wise im gonna attempt to repair it.
Try username "kane" at umbrella auto parts in the pacific NW, I don't think local junkyards will have it. Also, you might think of buying an aftermarket one from one of the vendors on here, it will be cheaper than buying from Honda/Acura. Did you do a search for center console in the parts for sale forum?

Was it a shop/business that broke it? Or like your friends doing you a favor? It sucks they broke it, but since it should be their responsibility make sure they pay for a new one because if you fix it, it will probably break again due to heat or inadvertent contact. Plus you'll have to paint all the trim to cover it up. I guess it could be done, it's not like you can't repair plastic.

GL, hope that helps.
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thanks. yeah i'm repairing it for sure.

i'll post the results.
a/c unit is already repaired, and so is the trim piece. now its to the radio. no sound coming from the speakers, even after installing an aftermarket radio.
here is the final results. not as great as it looks in the pictures, but it was a very quick fix and on a minimal time allowance.

the radio needs to be re-adjusted, other than that, i think it looks good.