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5 April 2001
Fridley, MN
I am going to be a new owner of NSX....got a question....when the engine starts, the car rattles/shakes...is that normal ? thanx
No, any vibration is not normal. But perhaps you are hearing (rather than feeling) the buzzing sound of the ABS pump for a few seconds? If so, THAT is normal.
Ok..i went to CA for a night last week to buy the car, and believe it or not..i did not drive it, i was waiting till it get here in Minnesota. I let the seller drove me around. When the car started, for few seconds only, it did shake a little bit. Well, I have never been in an NSX before, and that was my first time. So, it probably was just my feeling or something. It is a 95 NSX-T with 36k miles on it. It looks great except rock chips on front. Thank you again.
I purchased my '95 NSX-T a bit over a year ago with 34k miles (with some of the same rock chips [
]) and not a single vibration. As already mentioned, the occasional cycling of the ABS would be the only thing that should create something like that but it is more of a vibration like sound than an actual shaking of the car (it's a higher pitch sound than would be created by an engine vibration).
One other possibility is that you aren't used to the engine being behind you yet. My first time in an NSX, I noticed the feeling is different with the engine over your shoulder.

Did the engine turn over well and idle smoothly? Did everything sound ok from the engine and no smoke from the exhaust, etc.?

As long as the above seemed normal and the car wasn't shaking and rattling, it should be ok. You can also bring it to Acura for a quick check...
It is known that around 1400 RPM the 3.0 NSX engine does have a small harmonic vibration. I am thinking the car was cold and you were at a fast idle around 1400 rpm until it warned up a bit. If it is warmed up, you would normally scoot right past this engine speed as you accelerate and not even notice it. Only when you are fast idling, and the engine sits at that RPM will you notice it.

If so, no worries.

MY $02.

If you aren't used to the car, it will feel like it vibrates a little too much compared to the average car...

In all the NSX's I've been in, including mine, it vibrates when it is warming up, but when's it's warmed up, it should be smooth.

Larry, is there a small harmonic vibration at that RPM range for the 3.2's? Mine vibrates at 1400 during warm up.
P by H,

Since you notice it, I would say so. I have not spend alot of time in a 3.2 so I can only realistically comment on the 3.0.

I do not understand the true technical detail as to why, just my imperical experience.

I will say that some 3.0's seem to be worse then others though. I turned down buying one at first since it was vibrating more then I thought it should. The one I purchased was MUCH smoother then the one I turned down! It could be related to the overall condition of the engine/mounts etc. as to why some seem "smoother" then others.