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r4m3n (Jonathon Andrew Ahn)

13 May 2010
Twin Cities MN
I purchased his 91 NSX from him a month ago.

I contacted him paid asking price without mods. I flew out on his schedule, and did everything on his terms. Flew out and saw the car. Exactly as he describes. Great looking car.

He says he wants to keep his expensive JDM sidemarkers and he was flying out the next day to pick up a different NSX from CHicago. As soon as he got back he would ship me the OEM markers. Also the center console was cut up for a double din head unit. He also said don't worry he'll send me the one from his new NSX that isn't cut up at the same time.

I took his word and drove home. (Denver to Minneapolis)

So I started texting and calling him after a week. He told me oh he's out of town and he'll get on it when he gets back. Ok I wait another week and text him again. No response. Several more texts no response. I beg him for an answer and finally get oh I'm in Hawaii.

Ok so some more texts later and no response. That kind of stuff just really gets to me. At least a response of some sort is better than straight up dodging me. So I'm surfind prime and he has time to make a ton of fs threads on all these parts. He has taken the time to take off his car, take pics, creating threads online but he can't take the 30 seconds to text me back. I text him that and a instant text reply of oh my bro is doing all that for me.

So I texted him right back is there a way "he" can send me those markers and console? No reply and he has been dodging me since.

I have tried asking other members in CO for help, I did not want to post this at all. This is really my last resort. What will come of this thread IDK more of me just venting I suppose.

I'm very unhappy, have done several out of state purchases on vehicles and have went with the never trust anyone until now. The one time and one forum I thought I'd never get taken for.

Sorry to hear that... i bought a set of coilovers from him, and same thing happen to me "he will remove the coilovers next day".... never heard from him again... paypal can't do anything because the item is not buy/bid from EBay. this guy r4m3n (Jonathan Ah) still owes me $1030.