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radio code

17 September 2001
leawood,ks 66211 usa
does anyone know how I would go about getting the radio code for my car?i'm worried about my battery this winter,if it dies I won't be able to turn my radio on.
Why don't you get a battery charger (the kind that monitors the voltage and recharges only when it drops below a certain point)? Come spring, it starts right up. (Don't forget to unplug first.)

I've done this with my NSX for the past eleven winters. I have the 1.5 Amp Fully Automatic Onboard Maintainer/Charger, Item Number SE-1-12S, manufactured by Schumacher Electric Corporation. You can order it direct from their website for $32.99.
Lud,your kidding!
Superoir acura here in Kansas told me this is the reason they didn't want to remove battery to check for evap. leak via removing blower motor.they said I might as well remove dash to replace evap. and at that time they could get serial # off back of radio to call acura for code?
now I feel betrayed!
Yup, No code for the factory radio. I just had the battery unplugged to do some electrical work. You will, however, lose your precious radio presets. So, plan ahead and write them down
Anyways, who would steal one of those stereos anyways. Another NSX owner?!
I took my radio apart, for some soldering inside, so i'll suppose i took the power off.

No code at all, nor does the unit support the function.