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11 April 2018
Maryland / South Dakota
Good drive today. Beautiful out. Unfortunately my first rattle - pretty sure it’s the top center dash piece with the holes. The irregular shaped piece that covers the front center speaker, mainly the passenger side. I can tap it and get the same rattle sound. It’s very noticeable over any bump. Need another drive to confirm. Does anyone know how that piece is removed or attached?
I believe that the piece will pop up if you use the plastic blade made for taking apart that stuff. You can pay for a service day and access Honda/Acura to see how it is fastened. Maybe if you visit a dealer they will check that out for you as they have a full on subscription to Acura service. When I removed the rear panel to gain access to the seatbelts all the speaker panels (three) popped out. There is a guy who upgrades the speakers in Orange County, CA. His name is Jason Lee 562-809-3336
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I've ordered some nylon tools for this. May stop by a dealer for a few questions also - maybe call for info first. First need to do a drive to confirm that is the rattle. Thanks for the contact, I'll call him depending what the dealer says.
a busted piece of plastic....
question is what caused it to snap off....
Went for a drive with my wife yesterday to try and find the rattle. We found out it’s hard to reach way up the dash to put pressure on different places when buckled in.

Stopped at a light and I was tapping things then tapped the mirror (again) and bingo! Tapped up this time. The broken piece is the wire cover behind the mirror that goes to the roof/headliner. The roof end broke, it rotated down and was bouncing/rattling on the top of the mirror. It came right off in my hand and no more rattle.

Crazy how hard it is to find a rattle, my wife kept saying it was on my side. I thought it was front center. Reality was top center right between us. Couldn’t have been much closer.

We relaxed, turned up the radio and had a fun drive.