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Re-Introducing the LoveFab NSX Twin Chamber Coolant Tank with Integrated Catch Can

Diddy, These have been out for two years and with the exception of a bad radiator cap out of the box, we haven't heard from anyone. No news, is GREAT news!

That being said, we would like to do a run of these again guys. We had a couple of small orders and are able to crank a few more out. With catch can and without catch can.

We are running a sale for little while to try and coax a few orders.


would anyone care to give any long term feedback after installing this product, also would anyone know if it clears the STMPO bar?

After having this installed on my car for sometime now, I can say that while it may be suitable for stock/supercharged cars its capacity is not adequate in situations going above 500hp. The reason being being that the single 10AN ventilation port is not large enough to relieve the amount of crankcase pressure produced. The breather tank itself also should be larger to accommodate for the higher horsepower cars. Also due to the integrated design, the capacity of the coolant reservoir is limited and I'm not so sure that given the cooling issues when tracking these cars if that is such a good idea for adequate expansion.
These things are made with great quality. Fitment is excellent. My car is supercharged and I have had no issues with this unit. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of getting one.

Cheers all.
We have dozens of tanks across the world, tracked regularly, with no reported issues.

We also have multiple cars above 600whp, with no reported issues, including our own vehicles that had been testing similar designs for years before we released the product. If there were issues, we have yet to hear of them. Feedback is great, we are always listening.

We have two tanks(no catch can) built and ready for coating now; we anticipate a week until they are ready to ship.
Plenty of datalogs show coolant temperatures holding within their range across multiple cars, in multiple conditions. Those cars that are tracked regularly have installed a higher efficiency radiator, which actually does the cooling. Our tank was designed as a simple storage device, that catches and holds fluid within the coolant system. It was never intended to increase cooling efficiency, as that is the radiators task.
The second tank is there to catch the first tanks overflow, which is then returned to the primary tank when conditions allow. If you're pushing through BOTH tanks, than there are other issues with your coolant system that need addressing. We have yet to hear of anyone push through both tanks, for the record.

We have three twin Chamber tanks coming out of coating, in black...

Three twin chamber tanks going into coating.

Two twin chamber tanks with catch can going into coating.

The tanks going into coating can be customized for color, and will ship as soon as they are coated.
Are these $510 still? Do they clear the STMPO targa brace?