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re-upholstering interior

30 May 2005
i'm sure this has been done. i was just wondering what the price range is to re-upholster the seats. it would help if people included pictures of their re-upholstered interior (i'm sure you want to show it off anyways), how much they paid and the type of material used.

Check out leatherseats.com.
They can make custom colors and have a choice of materials.
There are already some posts about this that you may find interesting if you use the search feature on Prime.

Nate in DC
Here is mine :biggrin:


I would like to redo the interior in my '91 NSX....the Ivory is looking like it needs refreshed. :(
I did the northwest autoleather thing too. Did the seats, doors, center console, and shift boot. It really transformed the interior. The wrinkling has almost gone away with time, as it shrinks and reforms with age.

Plenty of info on this in the 3 group buy threads for nw autoleather here on Prime.