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Rear Quarter Panel Protectors

13 November 2001
Nesconset, NY USA
OK, the last time i called these "mudguards" I was told it was a stupid question. Now I'm asking again since it seems there are a few new members.
Does anyone know of a custom, unobtrusive mudguard that I can put on my NSX that would protect the rear quarter panel from gravel, rocks, tar, etc ? i don't want to use the clear tape. I had guards on my VR4 and they were NOT noticable at all, but did the job.

So, at the risk of being "stupid" again, can anyone help ?

I only use 3-M stone guard and it works great!

I know what you are trying to accomplish. But why not use a heavy film laminate on the rear rockers to prevent paint chipping. As mentioned, you can use 3m's product which is thick clear vinyl laminate that is applied for automotive applications. My bodyshop sells it by the sq ft. Maybe yours does as well.

-- Chris