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Rear spring change, now ripped CV boot!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 May 2001
Well what I feared most happened. The shock slipped into the boot and put a small tear on the top. Do you guys think I can drive it like this for a while? Also is there anything temporarily I can seal that with? Finally does anybody know any excellent NSX mechanics in Mid Atlantic area? Thanks
You can drive on it for a long while actually...but you'll splatter grease from the boot all over the place...and I mean ALL OVER THE PLACE. Also, don't drive in the rain or get water in there. That being said, I'd just as soon get it fixed.

Don't now about any dealers in your region...someone will though.


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Sorry to hear about that. The boot is in a tricky spot.

You can drive on it for thousands of miles (until your CV joint is ruined). Or just replace it now and save the joint. Dust and dirt will get in even if you never drive in the rain.

Where in the mid-atlantic are you?
I am around Pittsburgh. The rip is very close to the clamp closest to the wheel. I don't even know if it will splatter, but I am still afraid of any tear. I would love to try to seal it somehow for now. Thanks
I have never tried to seal a torn one so I do not have any suggestions on that, sorry.

If you are in Pitt it's a decent drive, but if you get over to Langhorne, PA (near NJ) Davis Acura is probably the best NSX service shop on the east coast.
Bernie Plotnick at Davis is the best, but I've also heard good things about Park Acura in Akron, about 120 miles from Pitt.

(Coincidentally, I flew from Pittsburgh to Akron last night.)

I don't know about the dealer(s) in Pittsburgh, but they might be worth checking out too.

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