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Recent NSX forum Font change.....

19 May 2000
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Hey all

Just noticed the new, larger,easier to read Font used on this forum.....
Cant help but wonder if this was a byproduct or outgrowth of the recent "NSX owners age survey"...
So Lud, tell us, we can take it....is it really that bad..!??!??
Make any changes on your computer lately? The forum hasn't changed.

The poll response so far has the 20-29 group in the lead.
OOOOPS.....looks like your right Lud. The wifey seems to have assumed command of the computer..I didnt even get a retirement ceremony....so excuse my premature observation and subsequent speculation.
On the brighter side..., you now have at least 1 senile member, :)..., to go together with the 20-29 yr olds ....LOL.

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