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Red light drivers side pillar

17 October 2010
Stupid question. Just pulled my car out of storage and I am going to start working on it. What is the red light on the drivers side pillar????

I don't seem to recall it being on when I put it away last year but it is on now.

Thank in advance...
On the pillar? Or near the door lock knob?
Is it blinking??

It's on the pillar down by the dash. Little red light. It's still on after I turned the car off. Is it some sort of security light?
Factory security indicator light is on the door. This May be an aftermarket security indicator. Has to be aftermarket...something.

I' m interested... Do you have a pic?

Bet you a beer that it's aftermarket ...I like Heineken
I popped off the pillar moulding today. You guys are correct, it is aftermarket. However, it really was nicely done. I'm guessing it is a light for an upgraded security system.
A round of Heineken for everyone!:biggrin:

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A round of Heineken for everyone!:biggrin: