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Relatively New Owner Observation on Sound

22 August 2021
San Ramon, CA
so like many people here I find so many reviews on this car are written by people who often don't know what they are talking about (like people who hate the car based on lack of storage or the old infotainment). For this post though wanted to focus on the sound criticism. A big part of the driving experience is the sound and why i loved the 9K redline in my 2000 S2000 or the good sound in my current daily driver Z4 M40i (though the sound is a bit orchestrated in the crackles). With the NSX I love the sound when it really opens up and you are driving very fast but found it was more sedate around town with less aggressive acceleration. I never thought I would use the manual shifting as the 9 speed in this car is faster than a person. But I have found when I do want a bit more sound the manual shifting around town lets you hold the revs higher to 4-5K when you want a little more sound and race car like feel. And the downshifts to 2nd when you slow down provides a really nice pop too. This is more in line with the super daily driver we all know well but can be the beast when you want it to be. And without a car that beats you up and your ear drums up continuously. This car has very good sound and can have it when you want (though will be first to agree a V10 or 8 just provide a different likely better auditory experience overall). Wanted to share this driving observation/tip.

BTW car is full optioned and only mod is JB4. I would add the downpipes from SOSpeed but California overregulates everything and dont want to have smog test issues. Sure that makes sound even better!


Congrats on the purchase. I agree, while the car is amazing unfortunately there isn't enough sound which IMO evokes emotion.

I'm leaving mine stock but wish it was a tad louder. Luckily the speed makes up for it.