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Repaint costs?

23 October 2000
Schaumburg, IL
Has anyone ever done a full (& good)repaint of an NSX? Or can anyone provide a rough cost (knowing that this will vary from city to city)?

I've found a '94 that looks like the previous owner ran it thru the car wash way too many times (even once through an automatic is a crime to me). Maybe because of this or because of the season, the stealer has had the car in inventory for awhile, and the price keeps dropping. I figure that even with a repaint the car could become a deal soon...

I've heard that this can cost anywhere from $5K to $10K for an entire car, top to bottom, to be done right.

From what I've seen, the best place in the Chicago area - the one that will do it right - is the Last Detail, in North Chicago (near Waukegan). They've worked on NSX's before, so you can probably call them up and explain what's on your mind, and maybe they can give you a ballpark over the phone.

I know of some other places in the Chicago area that I can tell you about in private, that vary from pretty good to no good.