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Review: Daisy Imports, MD

30 March 2009
I recently bought a one owner, 1994 NSX in Florida. I used the AutoTrain to bring it home because the car was new to me and the extended drive (to Virginia) did not seem like the right thing to do. Also, I knew it had a bad EPS rack from the PPI. I also discovered, oops, that it had a bad brake master cylinder. There were a few other things that I knew about and quite a few that I gained an education about.
Ben Schaeffer at Daisy may be the most knowledgeable NSX mechanic. I cannot be sure because I have not met them all. There is however, no one more committed to the car, its owners, and the NSX community.
Ben spent 90 minutes with me going over the car when I dropped it off. When it was all over, I told him that if I ever needed surgery, I hoped that the doctor would spend that much time and effort, though I know that will never happen.
I now have the car back. The list of what was done is really impressive. Ben did all the deferred maintenance, all of the routine work because of the car's age, and has assisted mightily in the cosmetic revival of the car. As much as that says about Ben and his attitude, he has also openly expressed that our relationship is one in which he will continue to support my ongoing ownership of the car, and I do not mean a solely pay for service relationship. I mean that if I have a need, he is there to help!
I cannot say enough to recommend Ben to service our cars. He is meticulous, knowledgeable, and committed. I cannot think of anything else I would want in supporting my ownership of this fine car.
I agree. Ben spent time with me over the phone helping me trouble shoot a problem and I live 600 miles away. He's a great asset to our community.