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RHD/LHD NSX-R Custom Color Floor Mats

25 October 2001
Northern California
I have received several inquiries re NSX-R mats for RHD and if they can be offered in other colors than just red.

The short answer is yes to both. The RHD and LHD are NOT the same fit, and they are not the same width either so buyer beware. We have offered these options to several customers for over 2 years. Our products are custom made with options for foam or nibbed rubber backing and with limited lifetime warranty that NO one else in the industry offers. You can view pictures here:


For colors take a look here: http://www.khrantenterprises.com/matscolors.htm

And finally, we have made the template for all the Zetoolman versions with full, half, or the one with whole for the sub to be showcased. Pics here: http://www.khrantenterprises.com/custom.htm

^ great. I purchased some other mats from synergy. I thought they looked good at first.... but after two months, they are shedding like crazy and the keep on sliding up! They are really thin mats and I am not happy with the long term quality. I have an '02, and the "pin" does not line up to the hole on the mat.. hmmm. wonder if the pin is in the opposite side for the mat hole in pre-02?
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