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"Ride the Rockies" - Colorado

18 April 2003
Aliso Viejo, CA
Hello to everyone...

A few of us met today to design a weekend "Ride the Rockies" Road Trip...our plan is to leave Denver and have a spirited drive up to Vail/BeaverCreek or Aspen...overnite at a hotel and have a nice dinner...drive back to Denver the following day...significant others are welcome...

In order to get the best possible rate for rooms and secure dinner reservations at one of the great places, we'd need to get a preliminary headcount...so, respond here if you are interested!

When: August 27-28

More details to follow...please let us know by July 27 here on this post...you can still make the drive, but you'd be on your own for accomodations...

PM me with any questions...Mike

and, thanks to Scott, Todd and Steve for the help in arranging this event...should be a ton of fun :biggrin:
Is this exclusive to NSX's? I've got a car that can keep up, honest :)

Seriously, it sounds like fun. In fact, our club still has not had our annual canyon run, I know a few that may be interested. LMK.
We discussed opening it up to the S2000 club, but wanted to see how many NSX's first...check back...based upon NSX interest, you never know...thanks...Mike
A supercharged SHO!!!! WOW!! That's awesome. Yeah, you will definitely be able to keep up!!!! I loved those cars. Ford was stupid to not continue to pursue that! Anyway, I hope you can come. By the way....I'm in. Amy and I will be there. C'mon Colorado NSXers lets get together. There aren't very many of us. Hell, most of them are up around Denver and I'm coming 3 hours just to get there. Hope some S2000 guys come too. Thanks to all who put this together. We should show our appreciation by signing up and going. Take care.
Glad you'll be there Chris, I'm anxious to see your V1 install. BTW, is it difficult to remove the unit to swap between cars? I'm interested in doing it, but I don't drive the NSX enough to warrant purchasing another V1.

It is difficult to remove. Especially when the third brake light cover is on there. I was the same way. My wife's getting a Mini Cooper S and so I went ahead and sprung for another V1 for her. It works real well up there like that though. I look forward to seeing you as well. Take care.
I can't make the whole weekend, but I'd sure like to meet up at the beginning of it to meet everyone.
I'll be in Paris [as in France] that weekend, and for the next two weeks.

Perhaps next year
Hi all,

I’m new to the forum but had my 91 for two years now. It’s original, except for the wheels.

The ride sounds great. One can never get enough of “spirited” mountain driving. I’ve been going on weekend drives with the local MR2 club. (Kudos to them for letting me hang out.) I think my car feels a little lonely with the MR2’s sometimes so it would be nice to let it play with some other NSX’s.

Let me know when and where and I will definitely try to make it. I will not be able to stay overnight so it will just be a day trip for me.

Thanks to all for putting this together. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

I had mentioned to a couple of Denver owners that I could not make the drive (last minute business trip takes me out of town that weekend)...and that someone needs to "step up" and spearhead this drive if it is going to happen...

I am sorry I have to bail out of organizing...just one of those things...anyone ready to organize????

Unless I get time soon, you can count me out. I blew out my rear main seal and oiled my brand new $600 clutch. My crankcase evac system's valve must have closed on me in high boost (exhaust back-pressure) and caused the crankcase to over pressurize. The car sits until I have motivation.
Sorry to hear that. I was looking forward to seeing that bad boy. Hope all goes well with repairs.
At least two of us will be getting together on Saturday August 27th for a day drive (no overnight). We wll be meeting at the El Rancho parking lot from 9:30 - 10:00 a.m. and then leaving for a drive up to Estes Park for lunch. If you wish to join us please be at the El Rancho Parking lot I-70 to Evergreen exit. Please PM me for more information, we had been working with Mike on the Ride the Rockies, but it looks like everyone's schedule has gotten too busy for an overnight trip.
I'm interested in meeting the Denver Boulder NSX crowd, and a drive to Estes would be a welcome relief from work. I have a silver 92 that I'm in process of preparing, and it would be very helpful to me to meet everyone to see what others have done.

Count me in; however, I'll need to meet you somewhere north--I live in Erie, about 15 miles east of Boulder and about 6 miles west of I25 and Highway 52.

aaarrgghhhh!! I'd made spots in schedule twice for this drive. I thought the 27th was going to be cancelled, so made other plans. I might try to get to Estes Park to meet for lunch. Do you know where you're going to be for lunch?? It's too bad we haven't got together this summer. Pikes Peak Acura said they were going to do something, and haven't. There were rumors of PPIR events, and that didn't happen either. I would be happy to try to get a PPIR event going, but I thought you had to know some of the higher ups to get that done. I don't know anyone like that. I'd also like to see if any of you guys are interested in going to the NSXPO. Maybe caravanning out there together. I know the NM people are organizing their trip together, and it might be fun to join them, or go it on our own. I kept thinking we'd get together to talk about those other things, but it never happened. Is there plans for a Sept. Rockies drive?? Please let us know. You can come down this way and go to Taos, or up around highway 12 through La Veta and Cuchara. It's a beautiful drive, but not as glamorous as Aspen or Vail either. Also, not as crowded or pricey. Hope to see you guys soon. Take care.
Are any of the Denver/Boulder NSX'ers interested in getting together for a little drive? Being new to this, I'd like to meet some folks and exchange NSX info and take a look at other's rides. I also hear that Second Creek raceway will be closing its doors forever in October, and I need some practice.
It Looks like the 3000GT/Stealth/Supra TT/Skyline/Viper/etc. group is doing their anual get together and mountain drive on the 27th.

We usually gather in Thornton, then drive to the springs via Deckers and Woodland Park. Once there, we meet up with a group of cars in the Springs for a car show they have at a grocery store parking lot. It's usually a lot of fun. Last year there were only 3 or 4 cars that showed up, maybe we can get more this year and save Estes Park for a drive in September?

What does everyone here think? Should we join the other group again this year, or should we just do the Estes Park lunch?

Moving Estes to Sept would be great for me. The super car meet was fun. It wasn't fun saying we'd eat lunch in Deckers, when there really isn't a place in Deckers to eat lunch. And, waiting in Thornton for 3.5 hours for 1 person to show up was ridiculous. The drive was a lot of fun!! So is the show at the Grocery Warehouse. I hope it's way more organized this year. Just my $.02. I'd love to do something in Sept. even if it's not Estes Park. Take care.
Hey great idea. I sent the following email off to the NSXCO list, came to post it to this forum, and found this thread.

Well, now that the NSXCO list has been re-awakened by a forward about our favorite lady to hate, how about an NSX get-together maybe next weekend, Aug 27? (I was consdering the following weekend (Sept 3), but that is Labor Day weekend, so driving around CO would be hell). It's been quite a while (at least for me). Anyone else up for a little eating, socializing, & driving?

If we want to do some driving NW of Denver (maybe to Ward/Nederland/Estes Park):

The name of one cafe in Boulder cought my eye when I was down there a week ago: Foolish Craig's (http://foolishcraigs.com). Reviews make it the food sound pretty good, the prices aren't Pearl Street robery, and parking won't be a problem if we can find 8 or so sequential spaces in the upper-decks of a nearby parking garage (anyone more familiar with Boulder want to guess at the liklihood of this at 11am on a Saturday?).

Protos Pizza (Lafayette, near Boulder, not too far off hwy36) worked pretty a couple times ago, and parking wasn't a problem as it's suburban. Also looks like there's now one on the north end of Boulder (right on the start of a drive to Ward).

If we want to do some driving SW of Denver (maybe to Conifer/Bailey):

CB & Pots (at c470 and Broadway) in Highlands Ranch (http://www.cbpotts.com/).

I'm not from either of these areas of Colorado, so if anyone has other suggestions for restaurants/drives, please speak up.

- Craig

Anyway, I followed up by sending the NSXCO list a link to this thread, and I hope to latch onto whatever you all are doing. Consider me 99% confirmed for next weekend (if I understand correctly, the plan is a 1-day drive...to Estes Park...from El Rancho parking lot). If any of you are coming from Fort Collins, please email me privately (see http://www.latzke.us/contact for email address).

The original intent of this thread (a real NSX Ride the Rockies) is a good one. I would very much look forward to another NSX RTR. Most people need to plan months in advance for a multi-day-drive. Maybe next summer (anyone up for planning one)? The one 4 years ago was great (pics here) and I remember that the person who organized it started months in advance and did a great job planning it.

- Craig
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