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Rider Sues BMW Over Two Year Erection

From the article:

"In his lawsuit, Henry Wolf, 52, states that the condition, [of having a non-stop erection] left him unable to engage in sexual activity..."

Hmmmm, I thought I understood how sex works but perhaps I've got it all wrong.
Imagine if he owned a 1940 Ford Woodie Wagon? I can hear the opening statement: "I've had a woody because of my Woodie."
whats sad is he waited 2 years before seeing a doctor.

wonder if he still has one? or did they correct his issue?

its kinda hard to prove that the seat, and not the bumpy roads of america did this to him.

BMW will win. hope they sue him for def of character
OK, let's see:
10K for used BMW motorcycle from eBay,


Viagra at 20 bucks a day for a year = 7,300.

"Potential complications include ischemia, clotting of the blood retained in the penis (thrombosis), and damage to the blood vessels of the penis which may result in an impaired erectile function or impotence. In serious cases, the ischemia may result in gangrene, which could necessitate penis removal."