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right hand drive NSX owner!!

are NSX's pretty rare in HK? i was in hk for a week and never even saw one. i saw a handful of skylines but no nsx's.
I believe people in HK are more into WRX, Lancer EVO and Skylines.
Everytime I read the Cantonese magazines, almost every articles (road test, dyno and feature cars..etc) are all about these awd + turbo cars.
twin turbo with 4WD WRX and LANCER is a better choice for street race in HK. Narrow street with heavy traffic, people are folding up their side mirror inorder to park into the parking space, no doubt! NSX in HK is quite a weekend car, but they do gather up (I'll say around 10 - 25, there is about a total of 60 NSX in HK now) every Sunday morning, and have some action on the highway.
Winning Focus

Hey can you take some pics of these Sunday morning gatherings and post them in the photogallery? I know I'd like to see some overseas NSX action!

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BMW club HK has all the pics of Sunday morning runs of all the sports car clubs of HK on their site. Adress is...eh, I forgot

But it shouldn't be hard to find on Yahoo.

<A HREF="http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/maomaosnsxmodclub
Join" TARGET=_blank>http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/maomaosnsxmodclub
Join</A> my club for infos on my NSX.
I know who exactly you can contact in Hong Kong for the custom carbon fiber things. Newway motor in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. (852)27576632. I have seen them do custom real carbon fiber for some of the interior parts, center console, door panels, hood, even steering wheels. If your car is in Hong Kong, they should have no problem to rewarp most things in real carbon fiber.

Hey, I am in Hong Kong too. I see the NSX club pictures in the magazines all the time. Which one is yours? I have an NSX in the California and I would like to buy one in Hong Kong too. Do you know any for sale?

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