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RIP to my '91

2 August 2021
Some background to answer questions: I was restoring, well planning on restoring, my late father's NSX he left me that I put about 15k miles on of my own in high school. The car had 178k miles and had been sitting for 6 years, so I was getting a full refresh. When I went to college, parents got divorced and dad passed from cirrhosis - that's why it was sitting so long. I waited 2 years for parts and scheduling restoration work, and a freak accident happened. Fire department doesn't know what caused the fire. The trunk was empty and the battery was disconnected. The car has been sold, but I am left with $8k in parts that are still in their original packaging.

Looking for advice on how/where to sell the parts. I want to price them fairly, but also maximize my return since the car was uninsured - bummer.
Bulk or piece it out?
- What seems like a fair discount %?

Through some great people of the NSX community, I got the car sold through a private facebook group. Should I try that route or post on the Parts for Sale forum on NSX prime? Is it a bad idea to post this everywhere I can or choose 1 avenue 1st?

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RIP. Such a shame for what would have been a great rebirth story.

Parts here go pretty quickly depending on what they are. Engine parts not so much, interior, exterior, and suspension stuff goes pretty quickly. I'd start at maybe 10-15%? Considering the buyer will pay for shipping, they will have to find worth in buying vs going to Acura to pick them up locally or getting them from acurapartsnow.com or something of the like.
So sad to hear this- would have been an epic build thread! It looks like the fire resulted from a fuel leak (likely at the fuel injector O-rings at the rails), based on the burn pattern. But, if the battery was disconnected, then it's crazy that the fuel would spontaneously ignite. I wonder if there was some kind of static charge or something?

Anyway, you'll make more money if you part out, but it will take longer to sell everything. I'd post on Prime and FB to maximize the speed of selling.
The car has been sold ...
The new owners?

IF so, I think they could need most of your remaining parts too!