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Road Trip!

6 September 2004
Leaving Saturday for 17day road trip that will cover approx. 5000 miles. I'm going to measure tread depth on the tires before we go and also keep track of the fuel costs. should be a good drive. :biggrin:
Is that 17days of driving or 17 days of driving to a location, visiting and driving back? Either way, I suspect your rears will not make 5000 miles of hwy driving. I drove 800 miles to Dallas and about 700 miles into the trip home both rear tires started showing threads!! My tires werent new, but they werent bald either. They had about 1500 miles on them previously. Granted I did do a stretch of I-49 at 160mph for about 20 minutes :eek: (Please no flames, it was around 2:30am in the middle of BFE) Have fun and enjoy the drive :biggrin:
I made a similar trip last year and tires were good when I got home. I've got about 1000 miles on the tires now but I'm prepaired to buy a set if I have to. the trip will take us to B.C. and then down to Las Vegas.
Sounds like fun. Right after I got mine, I took it on a 3600 mile road trip to Maine and back and it was terrific!

PM me when you get back and we can meet after work and talk about your trip. I'm envious.

we are in b.c. now. the rear tires are at 8/32" they started at 9/32". Trip is going good. Had a few close calls from dumb ass drivers but other than that the car is doing good.
A friend called me yesterday to ask me to do an alignment on his Mazda 6 cuz the tires "only lasted 36k"..................... I laughed at him :smile:
Awesome!! Glad to see some miles being put on. Where all are you headed?? I wish I was able to do a trip like that right now....
just got home. details of the trip will follow soon. The car was good and the trip was great. 6 states, 3 provinces and approx. 7,000 km travelled. need time to do up the fuel cost and check out the tire wear. was a good trip overal. left too much cash in Las Vegas but the trip was worth it. More info to follow.
the trip was 6,876 km. fuel cost $576.89. tires front started at 10/32 are now at 8/32 and the rear started at 9/32 and are now at 5/32. Bridgestone RE010 16/17. Had two small problems with the car on the way, one the right turn signal will only work when it wants to and the other was the ALB light came on during and major thunder storm in Utah. Rain and hail, dirving an nsx in hail with your head a half inch from the roof is very loud. The best driving part of the trip as far as curves to enjoy was from Kelowna B.C. to Spocane WA. Best veiws along the way had to be from CalgaryAB> to Kelowna B.C. Best fuel prices were in Idaho $2.59 gallon USD The highest price was when I got home at $1.16 9/10 per liter. Best hotel was in Las Vegas at Bellagio. Well worth the money. This is the second time we have taken the NSX to Las Vegas and I must say to all of you that only drive your cars on the weekends START DRIVING THEM MORE. Enjoy your cars they are very good on trips and they will not melt in the rain. It was a very good trip and can't wait to do another.
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