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Roger's Revenge Update - Round 1 goes to.....

28 March 2002
Not Roger.

First car show of the season and I made sure that Roger knew about it. I even saved the parking spot next to me for two hours so that everyone voting would be able to compare our cars. Unfortunately, only one of us walked away with a class win and it wasn't Roger. But, in his defense, he ended up being beaten by a Cobra kit car for "Best Exotic" so I feel his pain - just not enough to stop bragging though......:biggrin:


Now the real story: So Bob gets there 2 hours early, bribes the judges, and collects early ballots for his car. What does he win for, not foreign car, not exotic (the kit car won??? WTF) He wins for "Best Original Driver", what the hell is that? He spends $$$$$$$$$ with Joe for a repaint and wins because he has over 100,000 miles, what kind of win is that??
All kidding aside, always a great day hanging out with Bob and explaining to everyone that asks about our car. Bob suggested that maybe we should have won for "Best Corvette" Bob did get a few votes for "Best Tuner" I was hoping that he'd win for that!!!!:eek: