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Rotors & Brake Pads

31 March 2011
Washington State
On a budget and looking to just change out the OEM Rotors to new affordable fancy rotors that are slotted or just have the holes.

Also going to change brake pads at the same time.

Will keep the OEM Calipers. Planning to do the work myself and save some money.

Any recomendations?

I was thinking to purchase the parts from the local Acura dealer but thought I would ask the NSX community first.

Prime members have had good experiences with Cquence rotors. They use Centric blanks, which is the parent company of Stoptech and Powerslot. Look here.

As for pads, you can't go wrong with OEM Honda, but I use Project Mu Type NS for the street and they are fantastic. Good initial bite, better resistance to fade, no noise and very little dust.
+1 on Honcho

the only thing I did to upgrade mine was OEM 2002 calipers and rotors, I want to get the slotted etc. but they are pricey
so OEM 02+ is mine by me def feel a difference in bite from the stock 91-96 to the 97-05
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Are the OEM Honda pads ceramic? I have been told that ceramic pads are the best for durability.

I'll check out Your recemondation on Cquence. Thanks

Also think of painting Calipers since I will change out the rotors. I have checked a couple threads on Prime most state G2 is the way to go for paint. Also seen reviews on Amazon that state G2 is the best. Anyone use Diplo?
on my old calipers before I changed to the OEM gold calipers
I went to Autoparts store and got some Brake Paint

sprayed it on and it looked perfect 3 years later of hard driving.

cost 2.99 a can, 1 can could do 2 cars.
I believe OEM pads are ferrous, though I could be wrong. If you don't track your car, most brake pads will last a long time no matter the material. I have OEM pads on my rear rotors and they have lasted 4 years with very little wear.

Same issue with caliper paint. Most products will work fine- it's all in the prep. You must make sure the caliper surface is 100% clean and oil/dirt free. You should remove and disassemble the caliper and use copius amounts of brake cleaner or strong degreaser to clean it. Some people even bake the calipers first to make sure all oil residue leeches to the surface so it can be wiped clean.

However, if you track your car, no paint will be able to stand up to the heat. Members here have tried everything and they still get discoloration and eventual flaking/peeling. Powdercoat seems to do better, but it too will eventually discolor. I was thinking of using black header/exhaust paint on my calipers when I do my brake rebuild next season.
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Those look nice form SOS.

I have a 98. It looks like the rotors from SOS are for 91-96. Do they have any for 97-05?

Those look nice form SOS.

I have a 98. It looks like the rotors from SOS are for 91-96. Do they have any for 97-05?


i'm not sure,i do remember seeing that rotors for 97's on are more expensive bc they don't match with as many other cars.i'd give them a call.good luck.
also,this is slightly off-topic,but this was a helpful discussion i found about drilled v.slotted which actually cites an sae technical paper,which is something that carries some weight-

X2 "but I use Project Mu Type NS for the street and they are fantastic"

These are awesome street pads. Other have used them on the track also.
Here's a site that has them for sale but I'm sure you can purchase them elsewhere.

I will have to see if I can find the seller I purchased mine from, but, I bought Centric blanks (front and rear) for $36/ea. Shipping included.

I went with the Project Mu NS pads and some RBF600 fluid.

Everything ran me about $380.00.