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Rough idle

12 June 2002
Brunei/ UK
Read most of the threads about this. I had just replace the coil packs with the new ones. New spark plugs, new fuel filters, had the engine oil serviced. Today the car idle roughly to a point it dies three times. I had to put the car in drive (A/T) mode or reverse for it to be stable. What are the possible causes of this? :confused:

No problem at WOT or even halve WOT. The car accelerates heavilly at lower rpm. Had the setting reset by pulling the clock fuse out.
I would go with NSXracer on this, clean the throttle body first, check for vacuum leaks and go from there. There is an idle reset process in the service manual also.

good luck
Will check on that today. Hate to pay a lot more after having to buy a lot of things. I am getting Bilstein shocks install this week.
Had my idle screw readjusted. No idling problem afterward. Will clean the throttle body later this week. Thanks NSX-Racer and hlweyl for your input. You save my time and my money. :wink: