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*** RULES!! -- Read Before Posting In Here! ***

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10 February 2000
Please use this forum to relate your GOOD experiences as well any disputes!

NSX Prime is not Ebay or Paypal. We do not process the transactions, handle funds or provide warranties. Instead we are an online car community who provides a classifieds section to help fellow owners find each other for needed parts. These are private transactions between private sellers. The site is not in a position to refund money or force others to refund money. Depending on the method of transfer, the buyer may have remedies available through the payment platform, or through a credit card company. Members may also have legal remedies available to them, depending on their jurisdiction, and they should contact a lawyer to find out more.

As far as Prime is concerned, where there is a dispute between two members over a transaction, we do have some indirect remedies on the site. One is the buyer feedback rating, which one member can use to rate his transaction with the other member. This will inform future buyers who may want to deal with that person. Another is to use this buyer/seller feedback forum to alert members to potentially bad conduct and provide the other member an opportunity to state their case and/or provide a remedy. Finally, we can ban or suspend the member from the site for bad conduct. However, such extreme corrective action is warranted only for really bad actors like Tamoske, who steal large amounts of money from several members.

Notwithstanding the above, NSX Prime strongly encourages the buyer and seller to work this out in private, as we typically have done in the past. Fighting a public war on the internet will not generally yield a good outcome and both of you will come out looking worse.

This is a good opportunity to remind ALL members of the most important rule of the classifieds forums: caveat emptor.

For Disputes
  1. Before posting a dispute, make sure you have exhausted all other avenues to resolve it.
  2. Focus on facts, not speculation, and present your situation in a professional manner.
  3. Please contain a given dispute to a single message thread.
  4. No personal attacks or name-calling. It just makes you look bad.
  5. Provide as much detail as possible - what, where, when, who, how, prior attempts to resolve it, etc.
  6. You cannot edit or delete your posts in this section, so consider your words carefully. Disputes are naturally emotional situations. Don't post in the heat of anger. If you are upset, write out your dispute and then sleep on it and come back and read/edit it the next day before posting.
Additionally: Don't forget to also use the member feedback system to give feedback to the people you deal with! Click the "Add Feedback" under someone's user name to leave them feedback in the system.

PLEASE NOTE: All transactions are entirely at your own risk. I cannot help you resolve disputes. I am not a mediator, ombudsman, attorney, or law enforcement agent.


* NSX Prime - "Protecting Yourself in Marketplace Transactions"
* Federal Trade Commission - Fair Credit Billing / Disputing Credit Card Charges
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