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Rumored: Mini NSX

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Rumor Revisited

Acura Has Been Secretly Developing Mid-Engine AWD Baby NSX

Secrets out! Motor Trend recently reported that Acura has been developing a smaller more agile NSX along with the regular NSX for quite some time now. No, it’s not an S2000 successor, but a Mid-Engine, AWD car that is set to blow the doors off it’s competition, and 1 that could actually save the NSX project all together.

When Acura 1st started developing this car, it had a major “Maybe” factor. At 1st it was just a few R&D ideas thrown together. But soon Acura came to the realization that this project could actually work.

We don’t have any concrete information on this car as of yet, but the “Baby NSX” is likely to be powered by a Turbo-Charged, Direct injection engine. Developing the big NSX wasn’t all a waste though, as Acura will be using many of the technologies from that project and directly fuse it to the it’s baby brother. Think of it as a smaller Hybrid of 2 NSX’s. This will also help recoup some of the costs involved in the years spent R&D’s the bigger car.

Expect to see the smaller NSX on dealer lots by 2017 with a price range between $50,000 & $60,000. Not bad!
Very interesting! It looks like it could be a direct competitor to the Lotus Elise/Exige. Time will tell if this is more than a rumor but it's encouraging, to say the least. Honda so badly need to re-establish itself with competitive cars.


Front reminds me of the Saturn Sky


+1 ....but this picture is just someones imagination...

for a second i was thinking the next generation acura integra.

Integra / RSX / S2000 was my first thought. Honda NEEDS another entry-level excitement machine to hook young drivers to the right path early in life...

50-60k? Speaking from a guy who just went out and actually spent my hard earned money on a BRZ, they are addressing the wrong market. 25-30k... That's the sweet spot Honda!


I don't think Honda needs to look too far past the S2000. If Toyobaru can produce the BRZ/FR-S/GT86 for ~$25k then it can be done. The dealers can't keep these on the lot. Socal dealers are marking these up $5k-6.5k with all other future allocations for 2012 spoken for. Of course, there are exceptions but I drove 1200 miles to get mine. With this said.. I think the BRZ is at least $2-3k too expensive still. It breaks my heart that Honda didn't produce this awesome little car.

IMHO the NSX2.0 will be a halo car just like the GT-R and LFA is. They need to produce a mass-market sports car which is what I thought this thread was about until I saw the projected 50-60k price tag :eek:

FR-S looks to me like a mini-LF-A...so Honda needs to do something similar...a Lotus / BR-Z / FR-S fighter.

It should be interesting to see what they come up with...but only the motoring press will be directly calling it a "mini-NSX".
I like the idea of a mini NSX because i love small cars, but this is just not doing it for me.

The NSX IS a small car already..."The GT–R is a full eight inches taller than the NSX."


I like the idea of a mini NSX because i love small cars, but this is just not doing it for me.

Well if its not doing it for you then they need to scrap the project. :D someone call Honda.
Honda Beat was a small NSX, and the rumor says they're bringing it back.

Honda Beat
Mid Engine, Rear wheel drive
0.66L 3cyl, 64 horsepower

- - - Updated - - -

ok they're brining the Beat in 2014