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Sad to see one less Monte Carlo Blue out there:

Yep, that's totaled. Mine was hit in the back, not even that bad and it was totaled.
Somebody needs to give Shawn a call...! :)
That is a shame. At least it was a NA1, which makes it only a little better.
NA1 = 3.0L

1998 is definitely 3.2L so NA2...

NA1 != Popups

NA1 = C30
NA2 = C32

It looks to be an automatic, so it is an NA1.

Any NSX totaled isn't good, NA1, NA2, or 02+ of either.
It an easy fix had almost the same kinda hit on my 2002
if you have a parts car it can be fixed brand new.

there are a few wrecks on all the regular sites now

people stop wrecking your RARE NSX's LOL

but by all mean dont stop driving them