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Safe Test Drive spots in OC?

22 October 2001
Newport Beach, CA USA
Hey guys;

I have been getting used to my new full GJ turbo, and making boost controller adjustments etc, and trying out the results.

My car is pretty loud , ESPECIALLY at mid to higher RPMs, during these little test runs.

I have been going up towards my office in Costa Mesa, but cops patrol there to protect the businesses I guess, I almost got zapped last night.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions of a place where its cool to do some messing around? Like 2nd-3rd-4th accelerations, nothing wayyyyyyyy out.

I have been to some places where its borderline like dirt road\dukes of hazard\anything goes land, but not really around here. Of course it has to be paved, but I'm just wondering if theres a kind of deserted area where nobody will complain and cops don't bother patrolling very often.