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San Jose Owners and Acura Dealers

14 April 2001
Sandy Eggo, CA
Since this worked out so well last time...

Which Acura Dealer should I take an NSX to for pre-purchase inspections?

1) Los Gatos Acura
2) Stevens Creek Acura OR
3) Acura of Sunnyvale

Are there any local owners who can make a visual inspection (and a good test drive) on a car that I am putting a deposit on? I will be flying out on March 11 so it will have to be before then. (Hopefully before this coming Friday so I can cancel my reservations in time.)

Also, anyone know much about JH4NA1185ST000119


Thanks in advance!
Never been to Stevens Creek or Sunnyvale, but I have had good experiences with Los Gatos Acura. Their NSX tech used to work at Comptech and is an enthusiast.
Go to Los Gatos Acura. Bill and Gary will take care of you real good.

Avoid any dealer on Stevens Creek like the plague. Don't know about Sunnyvale.