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Sarge is moving to glendale JUL. 11th

23 July 2007
Hello all phoenix NSX'ers Some of you may have seen me on prime, just wanted to say hello and that Im moving to glendale the first part of july. Hope to meet you all and enjoy the warm weather for a change. take care. -sarge
Very cool....
Just in time for the HOT, HOT, HOT weather.....
Give a call when you get here if you need any help getting settled.
I'll give you a hand.
ditto, let me know if you need a hand when you get here...i still cant believe you came to town and didnt let anyone know.....:(
we need some more ACTIVE nsx owners around
Quick question for you guys.......does anyone have problems with tread life on your rear tires due to the heat down there?
You don't have to worry about that Ken...they'll melt long before they ever wear out during the summer here.
The only problem I have with tread life if keeping my foot out of it.