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Seatbelt removal/ instal issue

5 April 2011
I was trying to replace my aftermarket seat with originals. When it came to bolting in the seatbelts my car (which is a private Japanese import) it has a flat head 22mm bolt. The issue is that the head is just smaller than the hole to access the head, thus the sockets can not get to the bolt head. Is this standard with other cars? In the USA cars seem to have 17mm bolts to attach the seatbelt. Is there a special Honda tool or is it best trying to track down a very thin walled socket? The other option is to replace the bolt but finding it hard to find a replacement that fits.
On another issue i have discovered the passenger seat i purchased appears to slightly off in one of 4 base bolt holes. I assume this was from a crash. What is the best way to realign as not to bend the runners so the seat can still move forwards and back? Any feedback appreciated.