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Security Alarm System Woes

10 August 2004
Plano Texas
I'm having problems with my security system and would like your input.

Upon returning to my car yesterday and opening either door, the alarm goes off. The alarm system will not deactivate using the ignition key (although it will reset after a period of time has passed). Of course this condition leaves the vehicle inoperable. The battery was charged in case that was the problem, the hood switch was disconnected in hope of at least starting the car, I've pulled a few fuses associated with the alarm....still the same problem of no starter engagement.

My first thoughts went toward TSB 93-007, replacing the door security switches. I'm waiting on these parts at this time. In the mean time my question is about a work-around.

Is there a way to deactivate the alarm system so that I am able to drive the vehicle until the parts come in?
Disconnecting the hood switch has no effect. Using the door key (either door) has no effect. As soon as a door is opened..the alarm goes off disabling the ignition system
Kitaka, so you are dealing with an aftermarket alarm as 92NSX has suggested. Most are wired with the starter kill normally closed. Meaning if you can pull the power to the alarm, the starter kill will not engage. I'm assuming you do not have the transmitters for the alarm?

So, here is what you can do. You will want to pull the panel underneath the steering column. It's a few screws. Then you will probably see some wires, could be messy depending on the install. Somewhere under there, there is probably a red wire with a fuse on it. I'm going to include a picture below:


Now taking a look at that picture, the big box in the center is the brain. Yours might not look exactly the same. But if you can find the brain, you can find a way to disable the alarm. You see on on the left, the harness connected to that big brain, there are 2 fuses. The one on the red wire is the fuse you should look for. If you pull that fuse, it will disable the alarm. Once that is done, check to see if you can start your car again.

My advice is to look for the brain, chances are they mounted it under the steering column. It can be anywhere under there or even on the passenger side if they were creative. But my guess would be it's not difficult to find under the driver side. If you can, snap some pictures under there and I can guide you to finding it.
Those pesky electrical gremlins!

So I'm up under the dash in the process of accessing the alarm control box (I was looking for the fuse) when I noticed that the alarm had stopped clicking on\off. I was able to start the car right up with no problems since.

Having already purchased the alarm door switches ($$$) just aggravates the situation. Oh well, I'll replace them anyway since I have them.

Thanks to all for your input. Although I was not able to enact any of the suggestions it's great to know that this website is responsive to member inquiries.

Thanks again!