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Seeking Seattle area shop for 96 NSX suspension , headers , and cosmetic fixes

12 November 2011
Seattle, WA
Hello to all,

I am getting started on giving my car some much needed attention and looking for advice on the best, cost effective, place/ or places to get the work done in the Seattle area.
I have a stock 96 NSX-T, and am working on a few items to get it back to its "prime".

A few initial issue I want to get help with:

1.leather seats ordered ....looking for a reasonable shop to do the install.
2. Headers....upgrade from heavy oem to stainless ( ?SOS) may add intake/scoop /throttle body too.
3. swap oem muffler for lightweight (?pride) cat back...keeping factory Cats
4. bilsteins/and springs, still running original shocks.
5. swapout wrinkled and cracked interior foil wrap door switchplates with new ones ( don't want to put CF stickers on them).


6. I am also looking to address the last 20 years of accumulated little chips and scratches in the paint. May be enough that it is ready for a repaint...

Current recommendations for shops providing good value for great work in these areas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
off topic but do we have another radiologist in the house?
I got my NSX the year after I finished residency. She's 20 now and still my baby. Time to show her some of the love she deserves.
haha....same exact story here...96:cool: what color and interior?
Black and Tan. Stock so far. Used to be my daily driver for the 1st 10 + years. Now the Audi does the work and saves the NSX for pleasure and sunshine. Yours looks sweet. I will have to get a pic loaded to add to my profile.
we have the same car,mine is #259 ......are you a general rad or have a sub-specialty?
seattle service shops

we have the same car,mine is #259 ......are you a general rad or have a sub-specialty?
I am a lowly general Rad. Last generation of a dying breed.My car is #278 .You have been much more active on Prime than I have....is this the right place for me to get the insight/help that I am looking for?Should I post under a different forum?Thanks,Brian
nothing lowly about general work....I'm neuro but do general and mammo lol.....this is the site for all things nsx...and life in general:wink: