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Sell it and get a????

19 January 2003
Hi all. I've got a quandry (not a serious quandry, just a little tiny quandry) :biggrin: and I need some input from my NSX brethren.

Here's where I'm at...

I have a CTS-V as my daily driver. I love almost everything about it... how it drives, the raw power, the sound of the CORSA exhaust, the thrill of being faster than almost everything on the road, the sound of the CORSA exhaust, how it looks, the sound of the CORSA exhaust.... Though it has it's down sides... it needs more time and attention at the dealer than I'd like (i.e., stuff breaks) and it's a PITA to get it fixed because I go to a dealer far from home (as the local dealer sux) to get it repaired, that and it get's abysmal gas mileage (i.e., 12mpg).

Recently when it was in for service, the dealer gave me a SRX as a loaner vehicle and while I don't care for the SRX's external appearance, I loved how easy it was to get my 3 year old daughter into her car seat. That got me thinking about how nice it would be to have a taller vehicle that facilitates getting her in and out, particularly, since my wife is due with our son in August, so they'll be two of these little GOTTSPDers running around that I'll have to strap into their seats when I take them to daycare in the AM.

Then I found myself thinking about how silly it is that I'm paying so much $ for gas (I have a 30-45 minute commute) and gee, it'd be great to not have to visit my Cadillac dealer quite so often... However, I'm not going to get a Prius, a Honda Fit, or a Smart car, but 12MPG is pretty darned expensive.

Thus, I find myself thinking, should I sell the CTS-V and get something else... What would be bigger (well, taller, not really bigger), get better gas mileage and would still be fun to drive... It seems like my best bet is an Infiniti FX45. 320HP, and it's loaded with toys, and it has that Infiniti/Nissan reliability. The Cayenne is too small and too expensive to own (same goes w/ the RR Sport), the GC SRT8 gets even worse gas mileage than the V, so that's no good.

I'm not going to get another car in addition to the V (we already have two others - a minivan that my wife drives and the NSX, of course), so I just need the right daily driver.

Part of me thinks I should just keep the V and deal with the poor gas mileage, the low to the ground loading issue and the repairs (it is under warranty and the dealer I go to is fantastic)....

What would you do?
Thanks for the input, but if I sell the CTS-V, the new car has to meet 3 requirements:
1. Must be a SUV (to facilitate getting children in and out);
2. Must be reliable; and
3. Must get gas mileage that doesn't cause the oil bearing countries of the world to chuckle...

The Infiniti M would otherwise be a great choice (except that it's short), that's why the FX45 seems like a good option.
X5 or keep it.
Hey GOTTSP, You might consider one of these.. V70R jeff


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The X6 and Q7 are interesting options, but I checked into them and they are both more than I'm willing to spend. The X5 is not all that great from a reliability standpoint. It's also rather cramped inside (from the reviews).... Though a 4.6i could be tempting.......
if he was considering a wagon the v70r is bad ass, you can get it with 6speed manual and volvo has some very nice interiors, including a blackish bluish pearly leather and orangish leather.

or if hes really a baller a e63 wagon, cant guarantee the gas mileage on 500hp though:biggrin:

honda has some pretty great priced suv's and the ridgeline is pretty nice
My $.02

If you own (not lease) the SUV... actually take the time to do the math on a simple spreadsheet for cost of ownership and gas and depreciation.

I have been thinking about this recently because I may get another car when I'm back in the States (no more DD the NSX). And there are *killer* deals on SUVs.

My hypothesis is that people are overreacting to the gas price increases and are dumping their used SUVs on the market. At the same time GM/F/C etc are doing the same just to stay afloat.

Yes, gas is expensive but relative to all the other costs on a car it may actually be pretty small (it's just the part you notice).

So...simple numbers:
10k miles per year driven
"Normal" nice car MPG of 23 avg (BMW, Audi, etc)
SUV MPG avg 15

So, at $2.00/gal gas: Normal car= $869/year and SUV = $1333/year
At $4.50 gas: Normal car: $1950/year and SUV = $3000/year

Therefore, total difference (now) is $1050/year more, whereas it used to be $450/year. The increased gas cost due only to gas going from $2.00 to $4.50 is only $600/year.

Now, compare that $600/year extra "unexpected" cost to the total cost of ownership of a $35k vehicle. Tires, depreciation, insurance, maintenance... I think you'll find that an extra $600 is only a small part of the total cost.

Finally, if that $600 is, actually, a small incremental cost, then the fact that there are screaming deals on SUVs because people are overreacting... opportunity. If you can get what used to be a nearly-new $35k SUV for $20k, then do you really care about an extra $600/year in gas??

Unfortunately, I don't really like SUVs. :redface:
I agree Ski_Banker. The incremental cost of the gas increase is not terrible. For me, most any SUV would increase my current gas mileage anyway. Thus, the question is which one to get (if any). The one thing I really don't like about getting such bad gas mileage is how much time I spend at the gas station. I feel like they should reserve a pump for me on certain days!
If you like the FX, check out the Infiniti EX. I saw one on the road the other day and it looked pretty nice. Probably gets better gas mileage as well.
I'm pretty partial to the 07/-8 Acura MDX. That thing is amazing. At least do yourself the favor of checking it out.
The MDX is probably a good idea. Anyone have a Mazda CX-7?

What about a Lexus RX?
I would have also suggested the MDX. The ML350/550 as well, since i hear Mercedes is finally coming up in the world again.

The thing is, did you want to go into the luxury marquis or stay out of it. The Highlander is pretty good.

We have an MDX and my friend has the highlander, both are pretty decent, just depends on if you want all the gadgets or not.

On Car and driver, they had a list of the best (gas mileage wise) luxury SUVs.

Mercedes Diesel were sitting atop of the list
BMW X5 3.0
Mercedes Gas (ML, R, GL)
Acura MDX
Infiniti FX35

Plus a few others, but basically those were the top.
The MDX is probably a good idea. Anyone have a Mazda CX-7?

What about a Lexus RX?

I like the RX too. The problems I can't get over with that car is that it's pretty dang small. It seats 5 (4) and doesn't have much more usefullness than a sedan. Plus, I only see old people drive them now. :tongue: