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Service manual help

25 January 2006
S/W Fla
I don't have my manuals with me and I need to look up something concerning the high side of the a/c system, a part number for the adaptor for the R-12 hose so I can have JR order me one. I've seen it in my manuals but as I said.
I've been trying to find the manual in WIKI and just plain "search" and can't find it again. I know it's here somewhere as i've used it before but I can't find it.


They are on the first page of Wiki. Bottom left hand side.
The manual shows a fitting to allow the red, (R-12) hose to fit onto the high pressure side port of the a/c system. It also shows the p/n for one from Snap-On and Kent-Moors.
No problem but I have had to service my and other systems from only the low pressure side. It's ok but i'd like to be able to see the exact high pressure readings as well.
Go try and purchase R-12 gauges and hoses. I had to special order from Napa and wait so I bought a complete spare set just in case ?
Thanks so much for the heads up on their location. I went right to Wiki and found them but I can't seem to get any of the manuals to open up.
FINALLY got it opened! Page 22-93 shows the adaptor, Snap-On p/n ACT 136, Kent Moors p/n J25499. It doesn't show the Acura p/n, rats!
I've got JR at Ray Laks on the job. Will post the Acura number as soon as he gets it.

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If you can confirm the threads you would probably have an easier time finding a Robinair equivalent like this one. I had to buy it to service my Nissans.
Ken, I tried to find them there but to no avail. I did find them in the service manual as I noted in my last post.
daedalus, there is a service bullitin that does show the thread sizes and pitch R-12 vs 134 so thanks for the site as that may be a great alternative if JR can't get me one any more.
Thanks folks, once again your the best.