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Shad and the Flying Lizard

26 March 2003
Nipomo, CA, USA
I picked up my car at Driving Ambition after I had Shad get it re-painted. It looks good, and I was impressed with the attention to detail - now it looks almost as good as Hrant's car! The re-assembly was done flawlessly - a real tribute to Shad and company.

Anyway, while I was there, Shad told me he had signed on to be the Car Chief for the # 45 Flying Lizard Porsche in ALMS. His first event was coming up - the 12 Hours of Sebring. After that was Le Mans. I congratulated him and wished him the best on juggling his business, his family, and his racing.

We talked about how Porsche owners don't trust a "Honda guy" to work on their precious cars (I know, I used to own a Porsche). Shad thought that he was qualified to work on whatever kind of car, and we agreed that being the Car Chief for a racing Porsche in ALMS might overcome the prejudice.

It turns out, Shad must have had his work cut out for him. At Sebring, his car was shunted even before the green flag dropped, so he and his crew had a huge amount of work to do during the race. Here's the story:

Yes I was surprised and happy for him when we spoke recently.He is very much up to the challenge.I think its a good move for him,just tough on the home life as it includes whole wkends and Lemans.
Good write up Tom :wink:

Here in the west coast they will be showing highlights of the race from 3-5 PM on CBS according to Comcast.

Talking about pressure and performing at this level :eek: ... Shad must be running on full caffeine/adrenaline under :tongue:
Hey, thanks Doc John. Here's a picture of Shad's work on what used to be a ratty old race car.

holy smoke...was that your silver car:eek:
No, I only wished I had a silver car. It's a 1992 Berlina Black that now has a fresh coat of black paint. Hecka hard to keep clean. :rolleyes:

Sure is. Got any more pics Tom? ie. a side pic?
OK, now I feel like the day we were racing in Nebraska and a bunch of kids asked for our autographs


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Re: Story's evolving

I dropped my uprights off last week for Nathan to swap out wheel bearings and he said Shad and Flying Lizard parted ways. But he was currently off to Sebring programming a Grand Am car. He should be back and I'll get an update tomorrow. Busy boy.

Edit; not a Grand Am car but a World Challenge Touring car. Shad said Flying Lizard wanted more of his time than he could give, so it wasn't gonna work. Bad for F.L. Good for us.
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